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Some quick facts about Megawüff

- We produce branded porcelain feeding bowls. 

- Our state of the art printing process means that your branding won't fade. 

- Our minimum order is just one.

- We offer delivery to your business or direct to your consumer.

- Each bowl measures 18cm in diameter.

- Pricing is volume dependent.

- We're a small, professional and easy to work with team.

- Our production workshop is based in Sale, Greater Manchester.

We'd love to hear from you

We don't beat around the bush and we aim to make dealing with us as easy as possible.

Please complete our enquiry form - unless you would like us to we won't disturb you by calling you back, we can handle most things via email. 

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A Case Study

When a clubbing brand wanted to promote that pet owners were welcome to bring their dogs to weekend long events, the brand commissioned dog-bowls with their branding for a public relations exercise.  The message got through loud and clear.  What the brand hadn't expected was the demand from their customers to buy the bowls.  Read more about how a marketing gimmick gave this brand one of their top selling merchandise products

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